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Bow down! This is by far, the best massage parlor that I have been to, especially in Orlando anyway. Maybe, even better than the one in Miami and of course, more affordable since the prices are reasonable. I have been here 3 times so far and every time is a different experience. There are more than 10 workers, each posses magical hands, knee, and feet. You did not read that wrong...they actually use their knee to breaks up the muscle knotting throughout your body. One lady, walking on my back, actually cracked my back with her feet and oh boy, it felt so good afterward.
I usually get a 1 hour massage (full body, medium pressure, including hot stones) but I feel like that is never enough. Throughout the process, the masseuse are very gentle and polite. I love the conversation that we had about random things in life. My second masseuse lady has a very light composition, yet strength like super women. I regret not asking for her name.
I cant wait to go back Monday! As a student in the healthcare field, I am abusing my body and mind due to the long hours of clinical rotation, at amount of school works, and the workload at home. This is where Massage Oasis comes in and temporary rescuing my from stress and anxiety, but forever relieving pressure and un-stiffen my aching body.
Do not forget to take care of your body! Self care is extremely important, regardless of what field you are in.

-Ngoc N.

-Pine Hills, FL